Twenty Two Times

What am i to do when my husband calls me Twenty Two Times in four hours?

The only messages he left told me that he would change his number because I would not answer my phone and that he would not call me because of the same.  I do not speak to him because of these situations….  And I hate it;  We used to be able to talk about anything,

We will again, right?


New Month, New Goals

This is a month where things start coming to an end, yet here we are beginning a new challenge.  Not to mention that it’s a daily challenge.  As if there aren’t enough things going on in November, especially with the Holiday season approaching.

To me, this means that I will (hopefully) learn something about time management.  I’ve never been good with that.

This brings me to the first post of NaBloPoMo in 2014.

My Goals for the month of November – Top 5, in no particular order anyway.

  1. Speak with my husband and son more often – no matter how hard it feels.  It can only get easier.
  2. To post once per day for the month of November
  3. To take myself less seriously, but to take better care of myself (no, I don’t count that as two!)
  4. Spend more time learning new skills – ie. Time Management, Budgeting, Home Management
  5. Make the best hand out of the cards I have been given this month.

I am sure there are more things I could do, or should, but another of the issues I need to work on is biting off more than I can chew.  I see the end result, but get overwhelmed by thinking that I have to get there now.  I have to remember that there are baby steps I can take every day to achieve these goals.  I guess another issue I have is lack of patience when it comes to this kind of thing.

Figures, right?

NaBloPoMo Arrives Yet Again

Life has been pretty chaotic over the last month.

All in all, it has sucked.  A LOT.

Since the first week in October, I have been uprooted, left with just about nothing but some clothes and books, have spoken to my son one whole time, and have been sent just one picture of the Punkinbutt.  I miss him terribly.  He will be two in January and he’s been the most important person in my life since he was born.  I just didn’t always understand it.

But that is a story for another day.

In the meantime, I need to create some sort of routine.  A schedule.  Something to keep me busy, out of trouble, and closer to my goal of seeing my son as soon as possible.  I am not what you could call a trouble maker, by any means, but idle hands are the devil’s plaything, or so I hear.  When I am bored, I tend to become selfish, depressed and I stop caring about things around me.  It’s not a pretty thing.

Again – another story, another day.

Enter NaBloPoMo, stage left.

I have tried this in the past.  If you can’t tell, I failed.  Usually within the first few days.  I don’t quite understand why November was chosen for this challenge, with Thanksgiving and all.  It just seems like a tough month to dedicate time to write every day.  Maybe it’s just me.  Anyway, this year, I am hoping to finish strong and complete the month.  My hope is that holding myself accountable for something will help me with this schedule that I so desperately need.  In a perfect world, I would write at the same time every day, but I cannot guarantee that – though I am going to try. I have no idea if this will help, but I am definitely (and cautiously) optimistic.

Hey, new month, new slate, right?

NaBloPoMo November 2014

September? Already?

My writing has obviously fallen by the wayside. It’s something I think about often, but as quickly as the thought makes it’s way into my brain – it finds something better to do, and leaves me.  All alone.  Usually with some sort of sweet or salty food in my hand.

At this point, I am happy to put in a word or two whenever I have some time. Lately, there’s been a lot. I’m not working at the moment, which is good and bad. The bad is obvious – no work = no money. That leads me and my husband to fight because stress levels are high. The good is that it leaves me time to fight to find something that I *really* want to do – Work at/from home.

There are a few little ventures I would like to take on – but they all take some time to get started. I understand that, but hubs lives in the Utopian world of his mind and thinks that these things are immediate. I should have already made two months worth of rent by now (mind you, I’ve been home for just over two weeks, and the first week was dedicated to gaining control over our mess of an apartment).

I have almost filled my Kindle with books to read about starting work, training for the ventures, marketing, etc. I love the research part of things, can you tell? Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get my resume done to my liking to get started with anything. I am not one to *embellish*, but it looks horribly boring without some kind of sparkle.

Lists. Lists and more lists. Books to read, forms to fill out, and applications to complete. So many things to tackle, so overwhelming. Baby Steps are (well, should be) my friend!

June Begins

I cannot begin to tell you where the year has gone so far.  I do know that it’s been one of the better years I can remember (so far!). 

I recently found which has been a part of my rosy outlook on 2014. She encourages people to take care of themselves and their homes. I’m all for it!  I have never been a ‘domestic goddess’ by any means, and (though I hate to write it, and don’t like to believe it) that has put a strain on my marriage and family.

My upbringing was not bad at all, but my mom is not a great homemaker. I never learned to take responsibility for my abode. I don’t live in filth or in a state of disrepair, I just have a ‘lived in’ feel to my place.  I never thought that was wrong!  What I’m learning is that I’m NOT wrong, but doesn’t take much to keep a home comfortable AND clean!  I have already begun to feel a little more peace and control of my life- never mind what I feel in my home! 

The FLYlady recommends starting with baby steps. I will admit that I have not yet completed all of the steps yet, but when I do – Watch Out!  There will be no stopping me!

Anyone Use Cozi?

I downloaded the Cozi app on another phone a while back – probably before my son was born, so I mean over a year ago….  I had been looking for some sort of organization app that would act somewhat like Outlook. Though the only similarity between the two programs is the calendar, Cozi seemed too be OK.
That being said, I never really dug into it, as it did not immediately meet my needs at that particular time. I don’t remember if I uninstalled the app or if it went away with the breaking of the phone itself, but I didn’t think much about it until a couple of weeks ago.
I woke up one morning with a new desire to re-organize. Everything. I wanted calendars, emails, lists- you name it!  All in one app.
Of course, I didn’t get it that way, but I have tried to work with that fact.  This is where Cozi makes another appearance. 
I downloaded the app (again) And took some time to explore its features. I will not hesitate to say that it needs some improvement, but overall, it’s quite a good thing to have!  I started with the calendar – which I love, the lists are awesome and the recipe/meal planner is fantastic!
Pair that with the FLYlady website and program and our life is on a much better path!