I am probably one of the most confusing people I know.   A Lttle Loopy

I am a Thirty-Something with the heart and mind of someone much younger.  I still don’t know what I want to do ‘when I grow up,’ but I know I would like to work for myself.  I have always loved helping people, which I find very rewarding, but these days everything that is ‘Customer Service’ base is also sales – and I just cannot make people buy things they cannot afford or do not want.  It’s not in my nature.

Anyway, ever since I can remember, I have loved to read.  It is something I am trying to do more of, now that I’m older, but it’s hard to find time and (oddly) the motivation.  I know, motivation to read – sounds crazy, right?  But I am finding more of that when I find the right books to hold my attention.

I am due to have my first child (a son) in January, and I’m very excited about that!  I may turn this blog into somewhat of a ‘Mommy Blog’ of sorts when that happens, but we’ll play that by ear.

In general, I have a lot of loves that I hope to explore while writing this blog, and interests in things I cannot wait to learn more about!

Welcome to my randomness, and I hope you enjoy your stay!


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