Baby Crazy

It feels like I have been around babies all week long. Is not necessarily a bad thing, as I miss my son terribly. He is in Florida with his father. Thank goodness for Skype!

This past weekend, I attended my niece’s baptism. It was a very nice service in a local Lutheran Church. I had never been to a Lutheran service, so I did not know what to expect. Turns out, it’s not too much different from a Catholic Mass.

After the service, I helped to set up the banquet hall for the reception / luncheon. I got to see lots of cousins that I hadn’t seen in years, some of whom I had not yet even met! It was a great time.  Unfortunately, I had to leave early because I had to work that night. Bah!

Then, this morning a friend of mine from high school needed a last minute babysitter. I, of course, jumped at the chance! She has a little boy and I wanted to be of help. So, I got to hang out with her son for a couple of hours which tired me out! He got fussy after he ate and I didn’t know how to calm him down.  We played with dolls, we walked around, we read books. Not much luck.   However as soon as I gave him a bottle, his second he was fine. I was almost sad to leave once his mom came home.

I got home and passed out! I was that tired. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to sleep for more than 4 hours so tonight, work is going to be a lot slower than normal. I can already feel the tiredness creeping in behind my eyes.

Wish me luck!


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