September? Already?

My writing has obviously fallen by the wayside. It’s something I think about often, but as quickly as the thought makes it’s way into my brain – it finds something better to do, and leaves me.  All alone.  Usually with some sort of sweet or salty food in my hand.

At this point, I am happy to put in a word or two whenever I have some time. Lately, there’s been a lot. I’m not working at the moment, which is good and bad. The bad is obvious – no work = no money. That leads me and my husband to fight because stress levels are high. The good is that it leaves me time to fight to find something that I *really* want to do – Work at/from home.

There are a few little ventures I would like to take on – but they all take some time to get started. I understand that, but hubs lives in the Utopian world of his mind and thinks that these things are immediate. I should have already made two months worth of rent by now (mind you, I’ve been home for just over two weeks, and the first week was dedicated to gaining control over our mess of an apartment).

I have almost filled my Kindle with books to read about starting work, training for the ventures, marketing, etc. I love the research part of things, can you tell? Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get my resume done to my liking to get started with anything. I am not one to *embellish*, but it looks horribly boring without some kind of sparkle.

Lists. Lists and more lists. Books to read, forms to fill out, and applications to complete. So many things to tackle, so overwhelming. Baby Steps are (well, should be) my friend!


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