June Begins

I cannot begin to tell you where the year has gone so far.  I do know that it’s been one of the better years I can remember (so far!). 

I recently found FLYlady.net which has been a part of my rosy outlook on 2014. She encourages people to take care of themselves and their homes. I’m all for it!  I have never been a ‘domestic goddess’ by any means, and (though I hate to write it, and don’t like to believe it) that has put a strain on my marriage and family.

My upbringing was not bad at all, but my mom is not a great homemaker. I never learned to take responsibility for my abode. I don’t live in filth or in a state of disrepair, I just have a ‘lived in’ feel to my place.  I never thought that was wrong!  What I’m learning is that I’m NOT wrong, but doesn’t take much to keep a home comfortable AND clean!  I have already begun to feel a little more peace and control of my life- never mind what I feel in my home! 

The FLYlady recommends starting with baby steps. I will admit that I have not yet completed all of the steps yet, but when I do – Watch Out!  There will be no stopping me!


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