Anyone Use Cozi?

I downloaded the Cozi app on another phone a while back – probably before my son was born, so I mean over a year ago….  I had been looking for some sort of organization app that would act somewhat like Outlook. Though the only similarity between the two programs is the calendar, Cozi seemed too be OK.
That being said, I never really dug into it, as it did not immediately meet my needs at that particular time. I don’t remember if I uninstalled the app or if it went away with the breaking of the phone itself, but I didn’t think much about it until a couple of weeks ago.
I woke up one morning with a new desire to re-organize. Everything. I wanted calendars, emails, lists- you name it!  All in one app.
Of course, I didn’t get it that way, but I have tried to work with that fact.  This is where Cozi makes another appearance. 
I downloaded the app (again) And took some time to explore its features. I will not hesitate to say that it needs some improvement, but overall, it’s quite a good thing to have!  I started with the calendar – which I love, the lists are awesome and the recipe/meal planner is fantastic!
Pair that with the FLYlady website and program and our life is on a much better path!


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