Winter in Georgia


It’s been years since I have seen actual snow.
Yesterday, there was a state of emergency declared in Georgia for a snow ‘storm’ that they thought would last a couple of hours. They knew it would disrupt a lot of the normal activities around town, but nothing out out control.

They were wrong…

It snowed for maybe 5 or 6 hours. Schools closed early but the traffic was so bad kids didn’t get home until 6 or 7 at night – If they were lucky enough to have parents able to pick them up.  I, myself, spent 3 hours driving home from work. Mind you, it’s only 5.6 miles away!

It was pretty, with the snow falling and all, but it got old when the sun went down and the roads began to ice over. I did have to giggle when I saw a big, bad Yukon get stuck for ten minutes before the for teen boys got out and pushed.

By the time I got home, I was cold, hungry and really needed to shower! Thankfully I got home safely, but the traffic was backed up for hours. From what I’ve been told, it still is!  I’m happy to be home, but I don’t like being stuck in my apartment because we can’t get a salt truck to come by…

It’s going to be a looong day…  😉


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