It’s something wrong with Plinky?

For 3 days or so I have been getting the same emails from Plinky about writing about a toy I did not get during the holidays or for my birthday.  I am wondering if there is something wrong with their email system…

Anyway, since I have not written in a while, I thought I would answer this particular question. I can’t say that I never got anything in particular that I wanted, but for years I wanted a computer. This was back in the days of the Commodore 64, with the simple green or orange letters on a black screen. My friend had one which I got to use often however, I really wanted my own.

To hold me over, my parents got me a word processor. It was pretty cool, and I could save stuff, like on a computer. But the only game I could play was a typing challenge. Not very cool… Though it did help me get an A in my Freshman computer (typing) class!

Eventually, I got a computer. I don’t remember what it was, but I got compuserv, Prodigy and AOL for free!  Heh… Yeah, I’m old.

And now I’m blogging from my phone. How far we have come!


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