December, Would You Please Slow Down?

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December 15th.


Are you serious?


Less than ten days to Christmas – have I shopped?  HECK NO!  I have been in my own personal whirlwind of crap – between the stress with my husband, the baby, a roommate/tenant that decided to leave my home in shambles, and looking for some sort of income…  There has been absolutely no time, nor any money, to shop!  It doesn’t help that I am a procrastinator and don’t like to shop in the first place….


The New Year will be here in just about two weeks, which is another weird thing to think about.  It seems like it was only yesterday that we were going out for Valentine’s Dinner!  Where did the time go??


Anyway, the trip back to Daytona was overall a good one.  I think we’ll probably move back up there, but still have the baby in Miami.  There is much less stress up there, and I won’t feel like I’m missing out on creating and setting up the nursery and all that good stuff.  Right now, we’re just kind of using a spare room.  It’s not really *ours*, and I dislike that feeling.  So, as fast as time has been going, it seems to be that it’s going to go even faster over the next couple of weeks!  YIKES!!!






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