Football Night in America

It is Monday, and the one and only good thing about Monday is….


That is, if it’s your team that is playing under the lights.

This week, it just so happens that it is my team gracing the stadium – and America.  Which team is that you might ask?

Why it’s only the


::Insert smug giggle here.::  Actually, I don’t think that they are the best team in the NFL right now, but they are damned close!  The season started off shaky, but they have had some really solid games.  Enough to clinch a playoff berth, which is just fine with me!as

I wasn’t always into football, which surprises some people when they see what kind of fan I am right now.  But it’s true!  I am originally from New England.  Massachusetts, actually.  If anyone knows the area, they also know that New England is really into its sports, be it the NHL, NBA, MLB or NFL.  I was more into baseball and hockey growing up, but even that was later in my Junior High years.  Probably around the time I realized that boys were into sports and that I got along better with boys than girls my age.  (I won’t say I was a ‘tomboy’, but I wasn’t afraid of snakes and would rather play games in the woods than go shopping for a new dress…)

High school came and it was time to look at colleges.  At the time, I was sure I was going to be a marine biologist.  I had been smitten with the idea of dolphin training since I trip to Sea World in Orlando back in the fifth grade!  I found a few good schools in and around New England, and was pretty certain I wanted to start my education at Boston University.  However, as a fluke, I applied at the University of Miami.

I took a trip to visit an Aunt I had in Florida, visited the school, and fell in love.

Now, going to UM also meant being a ‘Cane.  I really loved the feeling of school spirit, but to fully get the idea of what was going on, I just had to go to the football games.  I went to the first couple without much interest or knowledge of the game, but by the middle of the season – I was hooked!   This lead me to become interested in Pro football, but instead of going with the Dolphins, I stuck to my roots and gave my heart to the Patriots.  It has been an affair ever since – especially since my husband *is* a Dolphin fan.

Needless to say, I was very happy when the Pats beat the tar out of the Fins last week, but I kept my mouth shut.  =)  I’m hoping that tonight’s game is even more interesting.  The Texans have a strong team this year, and at this point every game matters!

So, as I prepare to watch the game – I hope everyone out there has a fantastic night!   GO Pats!!!

Patriots logo (1961-1992), nicknamed "Pat...

Patriots logo (1961-1992), nicknamed “Pat Patriot” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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