It amazes me how tired I can get from doing absolutely nothing.  I’m not exaggerating that, either.  I did not do one, single, productive thing today.  Well, productive in the common usage of the word, that is.

What I did was wake up at about 9 am, after falling asleep after about 2 am of course and listened to the fighting that was going on between my husband and the CMIL (Crazy Mother In Law).  Something about her trying to control her adult son.  I tried to tune it out, as the stress is NOT helping me, my baby, or my sleep cycle…  I finally had to give in and get out of the room for a second though.  Baby was bouncing on my bladder.  I immediately went *back* into the room and remained there until I had to take another potty break around 6 pm.

Yeah, I had been in there for over 8 hours at that point.  My husband, nor the CML, bothered to check on me at all today.  Not to see if I was sick, or hurt, or whatever.  My husband *did* however, bust in on two occasions to act like a child and leave the room again.  I don’t know if that counts…

I ate nothing but most of a Whitman’s Chocolate Sampler box.  I figured that the almonds would do me well.

all work and no play makes matt a dull boy - D...

all work and no play makes matt a dull boy – Day 79, year 2 (Photo credit: purplemattfish)

I went *back* into the cave until about 8:30 pm, when husband – without speaking, got some clothes together to wear tonight while he goes out and parties with some friends (with money we do NOT have…).

It feels nice to be out of the room.  I’m not going to lie.  I was getting a little stir crazy in there – since it’s been my refuge for the better part of a week.  but I’m still hungry and rather thirsty.  But I value my calmness for the moment, and would rather not deal with disturbing him and provoking another argument.  I am hoping that he is leaving soon.  My stomach is about to turn on itself!!!

It’s been a week of cat and mouse games.  I am really hoping that he comes to his senses sometime *soon*!  I am not going to apologize for having hurt feelings!  Do men really hold such stupid grudges???

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