Rough Day..

My husband was gone for three days.  

He wasn’t far, and we talked a bunch, but I really missed him and wanted him home.  I hoped he felt the same way.

I don’t think he did.

He left Wednesday afternoon, and was planned to be home Thursday night/Friday morning – but didn’t end up home until Saturday morning, for no reason.  I was (and am) of course, hurt and a bit upset by that.  When he did make it home, we had a brief breakfast before he had some stuff to do in the area.  I then met up with him and some friends while they had drinks.  He drank – a lot.  We kept going, where he drank more, and then went out to dinner with some other friends – where he decided to *keep* drinking, and not eat a thing.  Mind you, he hadn’t eaten *all* day!  It was horrible.

We made it home, where he proceeded to yell at me for whatever reason he had on his mind at the time, fell asleep, woke up this morning (in just as bad of a mood) and kept the yelling going.  I had to get out of the house, so I did.  I did some errands, got lunch, came home and STILL got yelled at for going out and drinking (which I didn’t – I’m 32 weeks preggo!!!)!  But don’t let *THAT* stop him from yelling…  

I really think he wants to run away.  And probably should, since he’s not man enough to handle his own situation…  Maybe then he will realize just what I do for him, and what I am *NOT* doing without him!

Another dark post, but I will break out of it soon enough!  I hope!!!



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