December is Here Already….?

It is December 1st.  Part of me cannot believe that 2012 is here already, while the rest is thankful that it is on it’s way to becoming ‘last year.’

I have had some pretty good things happen to me, but the bad comes to outweighing them.

It’s unfortunate, but the bad things seem to leave scars (physical and metaphoric). I have done my best to rid myself of the nasty gash scar on the top of my forehead – but those over-the-counter scar removers don’t work completely.  It’s not all that noticeable, especially since I wear bangs, but it can be seen at times.  The memory it is attached to is not one I care to remember… On a lighter note, it reminds me of Harry Potter’s lightning scar.  It makes me feel better when I see it.

The rest of the bad memories will be erased with time, as they always are.  I just hope that the go soon.  In fact, if they could be gone when I wake up in the morning, all the better!

Now, on to the good… The one great thing that has happened to me was the realization that I am going to have my first child – and it will be a son!  Everything may be up in the air with the rest of the world – how I will be able to work to pay for everything, if his dad will be around to help raise him, or what type of diapers he will wear – but he will be here in January, and there is no stopping that!  He is the one thing that is currently keeping me grounded.  For the most part.  The rest of the time I want to run, hide and cry.

So, I may not make it through the month with a post every day for December’s NaBloPoMo, but I will definitely be keeping on task with the word for the month – WORK!  I will be working on myself, my family and making a life for my new son.  I actually can’t wait!

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