Happy November!!

November is a month of a lot of things…

Something about Mustaches (Movember), Posting a blog a day (NaBloPoMo), writing a bunch during the month (NaNoWriMo?)…  Just to name a few…   

It is also a month of Thankfulness..  At least, according to Facebook….

Yes, It is the 2nd day of November, but I’m writing, and (I think) that is what counts right now – isn’t it??

I’m catching two birds with one stone at the moment – blogging and being thankful…

I’m Thankful for my family.  *MY* family, that is.  They are true New Englanders, and that is fine by me – but it is a strange culture to the Cubans I now live with and among…  Instead of hugs and kisses on the cheek, they are more about the “Hey, how ah ya?” and “Do you like the Pats?”…  Some may say that they are cold, or distant (which is probably true), but I have to say that it’ normal to me!  I don’t think it’s *wrong*… Just *different*…  

I don’t even know how *I* made the crossover, which is not complete – but I can understand the difference…

So there is why I’m thankful for today.  =)   


More to come…


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