Focus – Feels Like a 4 Letter Word


Hooray For Mondays! (Image found at )

Today, I feel like I’m thinking about a million things at once, but without thinking of *anything.* 

I woke up and took a walk around my neighborhood to mentally prepare for what I needed and wanted to do today.  Monday’s are becoming a day of hope for me – unlike other people who get ‘a case of the Mondays.’  I feel like it’s a day where I can get excited about new things happening during the week – or wonder about the things that could happen. I must say, it’s gotten to be a bit annoying to my friends who post things on social media sites like “Ugh, another Monday.  Where’d the weekend go?”   However, I can’t blame them – I have been there, too!  The last thing I would have wanted to read was how great another person was feeling that a new week was starting.

Though the walk was peaceful, and it was nice to see what was going on around me, I didn’t get a good feel for what I needed to do when I returned.  What I did was put on the radio, sweep the first floor of my house, cook breakfast and check my email to see if maybe the email of my dreams would be there (it wasn’t).  Since then, I have searched my house for some fabric we used to have so I could make some curtains (couldn’t find it); I found out the my mother-in-law will be visiting next week for an undetermined amount of time; I went for a swim; and I have tried to focus on brainstorming some ideas for my small business project.   Even as I type that, I just had another thought pop into my brain – I need a code name for the project.  See???  Complete ADHD today!

I did find a neat website that I would like to use to save some $$ once I get some income – SmartyPig.  Ever hear of it?  Ever use it?  Maybe it’s just the cute website, but it looks to be user friendly, and would keep my attention for more than..   Oh!  Shiny object!   

So, here I am, rambling on my blog, while my little Google Drive tab stares at me, lonely, in my Mozilla browser.

I do need to come up with some name ideas, maybe a list of businesses/people who would benefit from my idea – ‘Target Market’ I guess that would be called, and finally some thoughts on how to market myself.  I think I have some books in my office that could help.  I should go check…  NO!  I’ll have to add that to my to-do list.

Damn you, Tab!  I cannot leave you like this!  I will focus for 10 minutes.  I can do that, right?  Damn Skippy! 

Wish me luck!


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