Day 2 – Jumping In

Today, I jumped into our pool.  Sure, it’s a normal thing to do on a summer Saturday.  It’s nothing exciting, nothing new.  But for some reason, when I did it, the first thing I thought of when I got out was, “I have to blog about this!”
Why?  I haven’t the slightest idea.   Maybe I had been thinking about Day 2 of my ‘jumping in to blogging’ for June.  Or, I could just be a bit kooky and thought that the actual act, rather than the metaphor, of jumping in was something the world would want to know about!  (You *do* don’t you?)

Actually, I think it was because I jumped in and cleaned out a room in our home that *really* needed it.  I just broke out the broom, the bleach, the sham-wows and went for it.

It was cathartic.  It was not only cleansing for the room, but I got to get rid of a lot of junk, both literal and figurative.   I worked out some things in my head that really needed some thought.  It was freeing.  I bleached out some stains that needed extra elbow-grease, that up until now – I just didn’t feel like giving.

So yeah, I think this ‘jumping’ in thing may turn out to be a good thing!

Here’s Hoping!

Look out belowwww!!!!


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