June NaBloPoMo – Jump


Jump on in!

Lets try this again….   

The BlogHer prompt for today is “What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word jump?”  

Although wet feet is probably what officially comes to mind, the act of jumping in puddles is more descriptive.  And explains the wet feet!

I think that ‘Jump’ is a pretty good theme to start off with when it comes to writing.   Maybe I can think of it as just jumping in and getting it done!  I also have an entrepreneurial idea that I need to jump in and begin.  If I don’t do it now, when will I ever?  

 I have read books and done some vague online researching on what I should probably try to do with the new business idea, but I am getting little to no information, because there are few places out there that do what I want to do!  No, is this a good thing?  Or should I take it as a hint that this type of business doesn’t take off?  Especially in this economy.  HOWEVER, I get a little sick when I say that, ‘In This Economy.”  I don’t know what that even really means.  I know that people aren’t spending as much as they had in the past on frivolous things, but at the same time – there are places that are rebounding, as well!  

So, jumping in could be an awakening of sorts!  =) 

I guess as June goes on, we will explore this jump!  

Happy Hurricane Season, everyone!


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